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We are using the model from as our baseline from restraining from food. It is understood that many will alter this portion of fast based upon abilities/heath reason/etc. Those that need to alter food portion please do at your own discretion. For those who cannot change your dietary needs at all find something else you can abstain from during this 42 days ( ex. social networking, television, games, etc). For effectiveness it must be something that you are really would have a difficult time giving up. For detail information about the baseline food portion of this fast visit

  1. Days 1 through 42 – Water
    1. Drink at least ½ of your body weight (Pounds) in ounces daily at room temperature.
    2. Distilled water is recommended for best cleansing result.
  2. Week 1 through 3 (Days 1 through 21) Super Clean Food
    1. Eat raw or steamed food only: fresh fruits, veggies, salads, nuts and smoothes.
    2. No animal products of any kind, or pre-packaged seasonings. Go to website for details about fast.
  3. Week 4 (Day 22-28) The Eden Diet
    1. Eat raw fruit and veggies as they came out of the garden. The Eden Diet is explained at
  4. Week 5 (day 29-35) Water Only Fast
    1. Read the book Quick Fasting for it will help you understand many of the principles and procedures of internal cleansing. reference
  5. Week 4 (Day 22-28) The Eden Diet
    1. Eat raw fruit and veggies as they came out of the garden.

I look forward to our transformational journey together as we walk in the image and likeness of our Holy Savior Jesus Christ.

Do42 Recipe Book Download

Come back and visit us as we develop a Recipes Wall with more delicous meals for our 42 days journey



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