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Kingdom International Intercession Prayer and Empowerment Sessions ( Individually & Corporate )

Daily we will break bread with God in a specific prayer topic and bible reading/ studying as outlined in the Kingdom International Intercession Prayer and Empowerment outline. During this 42 day journey we are focusing on specific prayer topic and bible reading/study so that we will be on one accord and touching and agree in our individual and corporate time with God. Please stretch beyond outline reading and pray daily for we only give an outline so we can be in agreement corporately. We will touch and agree twice a day for a 60 min's for corporate prayer and words of empowerment @ 5:30am and 9:00pm via conference call for those who are available. If you would like sign up as one of the intercessor/prayer leaders or lead the Kingdom Empowerment Session click here. For leaders who cannot join us live we can pre-record your prayer or word of empowerment to be played during corporate gathering. Let God utilize you in the area(s) He has anointed you. International callers can join us live for free through using Skype and Bobsled.

You can connect to the conference call in the following ways

  1. Direct Connect: By dialing the International Intercession and Empowerment line directly at 641.715.3865 access code 499870#
  2. Radio Broadcast: Log on to our Live Interaction Radio Show: or tc/138944
  3. Skype Connection: International and national callers can dail in FREE using skype by adding the username freeconferencing.6417153865 using the search directory. review instructional videos below for skype connection tutorial.
  4. Bobsled Browser : This web browser app is a universal way to communicate, Bobsled users can easily message or call for free across devices, countries, social networks, operating systems – and all mobile carriers. Click Here to download app on your computer, phone, or ipad. If you are using bobsled go ahead and download the app and try it out before we start.

For those who are not available to meet with us live you can listen to the recording playback at 641.715.3868 access number 499870#. In addition for those who would like specific prayer for themselves or others someone will be available after each session.

A note about prayer: We must have a scripture to stand on during prayer and we must give God back His word for it is only His word that will never come back unto Him void.

Instructions on how to add us on your Skype contact list.

Instructions on how to call into the line using Skype.


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