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WELCOME TO Divine Order Restoration Ministries (D.O.R.M) WHERE WE ARE RESTORING THE ORDER OF GOD ONE LIFE, ONE BODY, AND ONE NATION AT A TIME. D.O.R.M is organized by GOD to restore his order back into the lives of HIS people. When you think about a dorm you think about a place of residence. The True Living God resides in each of us and it breaks His heart that many have not had the opportunity to meet Him, other has forgotten who dwells within them and many havenít tapped into the fullness of Him. God is to no longer to lay fully or partially dormant within the lives of His people. It is time for us to stop living deserted lives and inhabit the abundance life promised through Jesus Christ.

Here at the D.O.R.M. it is expected upon us to give a word from God that will penetrate the hearts and minds of men to activate, reactivate, or rejuvenate the True Living God that dwells inside of somebody somewhere in the world. God isnít going to force Himself upon anyone; it is His desire that everyone make the decision to follow Him. Itís all about the decision that you make and we are praying that your life is transformed to a living vibrant residence of the Most High God. So that you can operate in your purpose and partake in the benefits of kingdom living. Come with an expectation and you shall receive it in the full measure of which you came.

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