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Kingdom International Prayer Network

Kingdom International Prayer Network has several ways to meeting the needs of the people of God who would like to touch and agree with prayer warriors. God has given forth a solution for individual and corporate prayer through the unification of the body of Christ across the world. Together we will stand as a guarding post for the people of God as we watch & pray in supplication through the world 365 days a year/ 7 days a week/ and 24 hours a day. Taking this stand together has just strengthen us individually and corporately as we take back the Kingdom of God forcefully and violently. There is much more to come for God is calling unity within His body so that His glory can become illuminated even greater.

  • Kingdom International Prayer Call Center (KIPCC): God is offering a FREE Global 365 days/ 7 days a week/ 24 hours prayer line call center through this ministry & covenant prayer partners. This prayer line will connect you with prayer warriors across the world that are on standby just to pray for you. Note: This is not a conference line. These are a set of God servants whom have dedicated themselves to praying directly for His people 24 hours a day. Connect with one of God's intercessors now to meet your prayer needs. You can connect to these servants of God in the following ways

    1. Direct Connect: By dialing the Call Center directly at 678.750.(D.O.R.M) 3676
    2. Google Voice: Click on the Google widget below and follow the directions. Note: you will need a flash enabled device to use or see the Google voice widget.
    3. Bobsled Browser: This web browser app is a universal way to communicate, Bobsled users can easily message or call for free across devices, countries, social networks, operating systems – and all mobile carriers. Click Here to download app on your computer.
  • Kingdom International Prayer & Praise Wall - Click here to post your prayer or praise. This is an designated area on this site that God has given us the ability to post prayers request, words of edification, and praise reports unto Him from across the world. When you submit a prayer request it is seen by all of our covenant prayer partners and friends whom have a heart for God and love for His people. Everyone can play apart in send up prayers on behalf of God's people and bringing forth words of edification around the world as He touches each of us to come by display His love for one another. Pray warriors has the freedom to respond directly to posted prayers with words of edification, spiritual guidance and/or prophetic words.

  • Kingdom International Intercession and Word of Empowerment - On this line we empower, educate, equip and employ individual as we walk through the word of God. Daily we get come together for prayer and supplication, and a word from God. On this line we worship, pray, listen to the Holy Scriptures, hear a word of empowerment, have open word discussion, personal prayer and kingdom declaration. Join Us @ 5:30 am daily as go before our Father on behalf of the nations. Dail: 530.881.1300 Access Code: 499870.

  • Kingdom International Prayer Connect Directory - Is a collection of ministries ministries whom have set aside specific times and dates for corporate prayer, preaching, teaching for the people of Gods across the world via teleconference and/or online platform. You can connect with intercessors across the world to seek prayer and pray on the behalf of others, obtain biblical preaching and teaching as everyone come on one accord to manifest His will upon the earth. To have your ministry conference call listed under Kingdom Connect Directory click here Utilize the form below to perform a Kingdom International Connect Directory Search by a specific day or click here to access our comprehensive schedule.



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International Kingdom Connect Directory

Kingdom International Connect Directory

Intercessors Wanted  
Prayer Call Center & Prayer & Praise Wall

We are constantly seeking intercessors to become apart of this Mighty Move of God. Intercessor have the flexibility over their time availability for the vitual call center and praise and prayer wall. To become an intercessor on the 365/24/7 Kingdom International Prayer Call Center or for further information click here.



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