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Kingdom Services

Kingdom Service
God has given each house a specific set of instructions or blueprint to fulfill the unique purpose in which He has ordained since the creation of the world. We are designed to assist the birthing of God’s blueprints through kingdom analysis that Develop, Design and Deploy ministries and individuals to the next dimension of kingdom implementation. God has equipped us with Kingdom Development and Kingdom Empowerment solutions that will align ministries and individuals with their God ordained destiny. Contact D.O.R.M today for customized services to meet individuals and corporate needs within the Kingdom of God.

Kingdom Development: “Unveiling the road map of divine revelations for Kingdom manifestation” (Organization Management). God has called for the vision to be clearly written so that all who see it can run with it. Kingdom Development has been designed to strategically mid-wife the mandate of God within churches, ministries, and organizations.  Have you clearly defined the vision that God has placed before you? What is your branding and how are people identifying you? Are you just another building in the neighborhood or community? Do you just exist within your community or are you transforming the community in which God has placed you? Is your organization’s documentation leading you to fulfill God’s plan efficiently and effectively? Are your current procedures overlooking opportunities for your ministry growth? Does God’s vision supersede your current operating structure? If you are looking to become or enhance the beacon light that God has called you to become within your community then our Kingdom Development training is for you. Click here to view a brief listing of some of the Kingdom Development Solutions offered by D.O.R.M. Kingdom Development Solutions are customized to the need of the entity.

Kingdom Empowerment – Unleashing the virtuous leader within through unfolding the power that God has released unto His people. Kingdom Empowerment is designed to reveal the truth, expose and depose the enemy lies, and engages individuals into their God ordained purpose.  God has given each of us a specific assignment within His Kingdom and us working as one will maximize the work of the Kingdom Of God. Kingdom Empowerment focuses on individuals walking in the fullness of their call for the benefit of the collective work for the Kingdom of God. Click here to view a list of Kingdom Empowerment Solutions.



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